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Sample Test paper conducted by ‘XANSA’

Preparation is always good before you are planning to go for an interview, so it’s always advisable to know some basic things that would be asked from you at the time of interview. So this time if you are planning to give your Campus Interview for “XANSA” this time, then this will be benefited for you surely. As per the last campus interview conducted in one of the Engineering Colleges and here are some tips which might assist you for your interview preparation.

Techniques for changing your Negative Behavior & Thoughts

This article may help you to start few methods that you could use to change your behaviors by offering a definition of behavior. A behavior is something that you do; some action that you take. Conventionally, a behavior is something that you act out physically, such as taking a walk, or smoking a cigarette, or rolling your eyes when your spouse is complaining. However, behaviors can be subtle, non-physical things too. Thinking can be considered a behavior, for instance.