Spend your Summer Vacations Wisely

Most of the School Students are on Summer Vacations from this or the coming week. During these holidays, it is very easy to get caught up in the pleasure of decreased responsibilities. These tips can help you to enjoy productive, enjoyable, and regret-free summer vacations.

1. Wake up early. Nothing eats away at summer break like moping around beneath the covers. Decide the previous day when you will get out of bed, then make sure follow through. During the first few weeks of vacation, chances are that you will relish the opportunity to sleep in. It's okay to do this and give yourself a break, because your body will naturally put itself on a schedule to wake itself up earlier.

2. Maintain good health and hygiene. Brush your teeth and bathe often. Make sure to use sunblock, and remember that the only healthy tan is spray-on! Summer is a great time to get in shape, or stay in shape. Consider joining a summer sport, or at the very least get outside and have fun every day.

3. Study. Particularly if you are a secondary or post-secondary student, studying remains essential even though the school year is in recess. Look over last year's notes, or do some research into what next year's courses have in store. When school resumes, you`ll be grateful that your academic knowledge and skills have not deteriorated. Even if you are in high school and middle school, do your summer assignments in a timely manner and review your notes. You will be grateful when you return to school! Most of the time, the first few weeks of school will be quite a surprise, as your brain has seemingly turned to mush and you have forgotten how to do even the simplest assignments. Keep your brain active, read for school or pleasure, research your own interests, or even just get into crossword puzzles.

4. Follow a routine. However loose, the structure will both motivate you and keep hours spent 'doing nothing' to a minimum.

5. Join a volunteer group of some sort. All communities have some sort of soup kitchen, or you can start being a candy striper or help out at your church. You will stay in contact with friends, have a great sense of accomplishment, stay active, and even help others!

6. Start a summer business. This may differ depending on your age. However, make sure that it is age-appropriate and that you will follow through. Some ideas include a lemonade stand, babysitting, lawn care, or getting a summer job at a local library or restaurant. Don't be afraid to apply to different places.

7. Go to a camp and learn something new. If you have always loved basketball, why not try swimming, rock climbing, or even art as a summer camp? If you love languages, why not try learning sign language? Learn to write, draw, bind books, make photo albums, knit ... the list goes on and on. Try something different that you know nothing whatsoever about, and you will gain a new skill and possibly find a lifelong love. Another upside is that you have a lot of time to practice and put your skill to use!

8. Stay active in your society. Meet up with friends and go to social gatherings.

Motivate yourself! Set a goal and decide, prior to it's completion, how you will reward yourself for a job well done. A tedious task can seem much less daunting when you can look forward to a treat or favorite activity upon it's completion!


Don't forget to enjoy yourself. If you attempt a structured, dynamic approach to this holiday, make sure you don't lose sight of the fun side of summer.

Things You'll Need

A calendar or planner

All The Best......