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Is your Smartphone data protected

In today’s smartphones market, Android is the world's most popular OS, however it's also popular amongst hackers and is vulnerable to various cyber attacks as well. Android security is a big Question Mark in Today’s World. Thousands of New apps are created daily and one gets easily tempted to download them on their Smart Phones. Some of the apps contain malicious code embedded into it and infect your smartphones once you install them on your mobile phones.

Mobile Devices expected to be at the center of all aspects of IT in 2013

In today’s Digital world where all the users are shifting from personal computers to mobiles and smart devices, it is predicted that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide in the year 2013. Meeting the demand from consumers for entertainment devices which have a business purpose and enterprise customers wishing for vice-versa, 2013 will witness a rise in new convertible devices which are a cross between full-on tablet and a straight laptop.

Cyber Crimes could increase in 2013 too with higher rate

In today’s internet era, India has been recognized as one of the fastest growing internet and mobile market globally. With over 137 million internet users in India, 7 out of 10 users access internet through their mobiles. Additionally, India grew its social media user base from 38 million in 2011 to 60 million in 2012, making both mobile and social media platforms a preferred site for Cyber Crime Attacks.

How to Build Successful Mobile Applications?

In Today’s world, people use their Smart Phones to browse the Internet and do a host of other stuff that was earlier possible only on a desktop interface. Companies developing mobile applications are rolling in huge profits.

Tips for developing Presentations using MS PowerPoint

Presentations are a great way to support speeches, explain concepts, and to demonstrate the uses of products etc. But presentations containing too much text or bad graphics or color management can distract or even annoy your audience.

Planning of the presentation is very important for a successful presentation.An impressive presentation comprise of three basic elements:
• Content
• Design
• Delivery

While developing your content, ensure that it is simple, clear and logical. You must know what your audience needs and alter the content for them.

Wireless signals are no longer secure with HackRF

HackRF, a software radio peripheral grants any computer programmer the ability to develop new ways to interact with radio waves.

Software radio or Software Defined Radio (SDR) is basically the application of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to radio waveforms. It is analogous to the software-based digital audio techniques that became popular some decades ago.