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Employee’s Motivation: The need of Every Organization

The Motivation is required for the overall development of the Employees in an organization. Many people think that motivation is something that we do to other people. That it’s the boss’s job to be the team cheerleader and keep everyone pumped up. That motivation is an external process and a management tool that has to be thoroughly applied to keep the wheels from falling off.

Towards a life in Peace, Bliss and Fulfillment

Humans, as we all know, have the incredible human trait to better themselves. They have thus evolved from the tree-dwelling primate to cave-man to what we are now – a tribe of empowered and sophisticated individuals. We keep evolving and improving the world we live in, both individually and through institutional activities. Our great advancements in science and technology have indeed made our lives more comfortable, but we are confronted with a steady attendant decline in social and personal ethics.

Process of Exit Interviews

An exit interview is a meeting between the departing employee and at least one representative from the company (either someone from the Human Resources Department or the functional head of the employee). Employees who are leaving the organization voluntarily are sources of priceless information. Exit interviews can be termed as confessional interviews by the departing employee. The outgoing employee must be one who has voluntarily resigned rather than getting laid off or fired.

How does the Self Determination helps in success?

Define success for yourself.

People define success in many ways. Several successful people with disabilities use these words:

• Success is defined by who we are, what we believe in, and what we think it means to be successful. For some it is money; for others it could be relationships, family, jobs, religion, or education. I believe that success is reaching my own personal dreams. I'm not done with my dreams, but know that I have been successful so far because I've worked toward my goals regardless of my disability. (college student who is deaf)

Quality Management in Education system

Education quality is becoming increasingly important for those who are involved in it either directly or indirectly, and for those who use its services. Access to education and quality education are to be regarded as mutually dependent and indivisible needs and rights. This is primarily achieved by developing creativity, civic and democratic values, as well as by knowledge, abilities and skills needed for everyday and professional life. Basic education is not sufficient or complete, and therefore should be considered only as a basis for learning that needs to be used all life long.

Success & Failure: Two different aspects of Management

There are many successful people in the world, and there are many people who are not. The main difference between the two is this: the successful ones pick themselves up after failure again and again until they finally reach success. In other words, before attaining success, most people go through different stages of failure on the way to where they want to go, but those that eventually do attain success, learn something from the failure and then make the choice to pick themselves up and continue pursuing their goal, consistently persisting in achieving it.