Penetration Testing can help corporates to meet their security goals

After so many latest and powerful Malware attacks, Corporate industry; more than ever - need to take advantage of Cyber Security in order to test their networks, systems and applications to protect themselves from different Cyber Attacks. To ensure that web based systems and applications are secure requires more than just good design and development. In order to identify vulnerabilities, it is often a good idea to involve an independent body like Sedulity Groups to help find potential security problems before releasing to the public.

Getting Penetration Testing done is the only best practical way for companies (Small, Medium, & Large) to establish the optimum level of security within their networks & systems. Having third parties do this testing is a good way of introducing genuine experts and getting a different view on something said Dr. Anup Girdhar, CEO of Sedulity Groups. "However it’s also important to make sure that security is the responsibility of the team, and not something that is outsourced. With the ever-increasing risk of internal & external Cyber-Attacks to websites, the adoption of new technologies including virtualization and cloud computing, organizations have to firstly, identify Cyber Threats and secondly, put control measures in place to defend themselves from all these Cyber Attacks said ."

Routine IT Audit, is also known as penetration testing which is an essential component for any Corporate to implement the optimum level of security. As computer technology has advanced, organizations have become increasingly dependent on computerized information systems to carry out their operations and to process, maintain, and report essential information. As a consequence, the reliability of computerized data and of the systems that process, maintain and report these data are a major concern to audit.

Penetration Testing should go far beyond proving it is possible to break into a system. It should explore the impact of the compromise and give a business answer to the threats an organization faces Dr. Girdhar, said in an interview. A client may not care that a development SQL server is vulnerable – but if that server is joined to the domain, we can demonstrate that it almost always allows an attacker to gain full access to the entire network. Likewise, a vulnerable firewall might not be important if the vulnerability cannot cause loss or embarrassment to the business. This type of analysis will assist you in directing security strategies and efforts. This makes penetration testing a need rather than an optional endeavor.

Sedulity Solutions & Technologies, is the most professional group of IT security Experts and Ethical Hackers involved into various Cyber Security Solutions for Corporate and Govt. Departments like Penetration Testing, IT Auditing, Cyber Crime Investigation, Data Acquisition, Network Security, Server Configurations, Security AMCs, Creation and Hosting of Secure Websites, finding Vulnerabilities and loopholes in the Websites and also provide the Security Countermeasures to overcome the Cyber Attacks. Penetration Testing, services include a comprehensive report which will identify the vulnerabilities, severity levels and also recommends remedial activities as well. These services are suitable for small, middle, and large level companies. The packages are available for a limited time only at the special discounted price..

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