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Penetration Testing can help corporates to meet their security goals

After so many latest and powerful Malware attacks, Corporate industry; more than ever - need to take advantage of Cyber Security in order to test their networks, systems and applications to protect themselves from different Cyber Attacks. To ensure that web based systems and applications are secure requires more than just good design and development.

IGNOU now Offers Post Graduate Diploma and Advance Certificate courses on Information Security

In today’s modern computer era, Every organization is facing the problems of growing security threats which are initiated by uncertain business practices. Security Risks are present in almost all the organizations and bring huge damage to its data, information, and policies whenever an attack strikes either external or through internal sources.

Is your Smartphone data protected

In today’s smartphones market, Android is the world's most popular OS, however it's also popular amongst hackers and is vulnerable to various cyber attacks as well. Android security is a big Question Mark in Today’s World. Thousands of New apps are created daily and one gets easily tempted to download them on their Smart Phones. Some of the apps contain malicious code embedded into it and infect your smartphones once you install them on your mobile phones.

Employee’s Motivation: The need of Every Organization

The Motivation is required for the overall development of the Employees in an organization. Many people think that motivation is something that we do to other people. That it’s the boss’s job to be the team cheerleader and keep everyone pumped up. That motivation is an external process and a management tool that has to be thoroughly applied to keep the wheels from falling off.

Why HTTPS is not implemented on entire web when it is more secure?

Today we live in the advanced ‘Cyber Space’ where we all are connected through various means of Communications via using Internet. More than 99% internet users visit lot of websites includes Social Networking, Email Services, E-Commerce, Banking etc. where we pass our User Names & Passwords many a times each day. At the same time the problems of ‘Cyber Crimes’ are also rising up where most of the problems are related to the Hacking of the User Names and password. Today if we see, most of the websites are on http instead of https which is supposed to be a much secure protocol.

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