Wireless signals are no longer secure with HackRF

HackRF, a software radio peripheral grants any computer programmer the ability to develop new ways to interact with radio waves.

Software radio or Software Defined Radio (SDR) is basically the application of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to radio waveforms. It is analogous to the software-based digital audio techniques that became popular some decades ago.

The device has the ability to transmit and receive over a wide range of frequencies, covering a huge number of commercial devices. Just like a sound card in a computer digitizes audio waveforms, a software radio peripheral digitizes radio waveforms. It's like a very fast sound card with the speaker and microphone replaced by an antenna. A single software radio platform can be used to implement virtually any wireless technology (Bluetooth, GSM, etc.).

According to the Developer of the device :- "I want a single device that can fit in my laptop bag, that doesn't require a bulky power supply, and that can be used to hack on whatever wireless systems I encounter. I'm hoping it will be about the size of a portable USB hard drive, and it will probably end up with a retail price in the neighborhood of $300, higher than technology-specific solutions like Ubertooth One but much less than any software radio transceiver on the market today."

HackRF will be open source i.e. it will be available on GitHub, portable, affordable, and will be capable of both transmitting and receiving radio signals. With HackRF, hackers will intercept wide range frequencies and no wireless signal would remain secure just by having advantage of using a unique, unfamiliar frequency.