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Beauty of Speech

When you are making a public speech either as a chief executive officer, administrator, teacher, actor and program anchor or in any other capacity please take note of the following aspects:

Wireless signals are no longer secure with HackRF

HackRF, a software radio peripheral grants any computer programmer the ability to develop new ways to interact with radio waves.

Software radio or Software Defined Radio (SDR) is basically the application of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to radio waveforms. It is analogous to the software-based digital audio techniques that became popular some decades ago.

Social Engineering attacks increasing on Skype

It has been reported a major increase of social engineering attacks on Skype and other instant messaging applications over the last few weeks.

Identity Theft: Avoid being a victim of it

In this modern Computer and Internet Era, one of the sneaky Crimes is Identity theft. No one has robbed you, No one has accessed your credit card but when you try to use your credit card, it won’t work. Because someone has stolen your personal information and drained your checking account and maxed out your credit cards. And your identity has been stolen. It was, alas! No uncommon incident.

Don't be a target for these thieves. Use precautions to keep yourself safe from identity theft. Below are some measures one should keep in order to keep identity thieves at bay:-

Success & Failure: Two different aspects of Management

There are many successful people in the world, and there are many people who are not. The main difference between the two is this: the successful ones pick themselves up after failure again and again until they finally reach success. In other words, before attaining success, most people go through different stages of failure on the way to where they want to go, but those that eventually do attain success, learn something from the failure and then make the choice to pick themselves up and continue pursuing their goal, consistently persisting in achieving it.

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