IIT Delhi graduate gets Rs 70 lakh job offer from Twitter

BHOPAL: Twitter has offered a 22-year-old IIT-Delhi graduate from Madhya Pradesh's Vidisha town a job for an annual salary of Rs 70 lakh following seven online interviews. Swapnil Jain will join Twitter's San Francisco headquarters on October 1 and report to a manager of Indian origin.

But it was a long process before Swapnil got the job offer. "I was a bit nervous when a honcho from Twitter first interviewed me in the last week of May. It was one of his seven interviews - all 45 to 50 minutes long - conducted through videoconferencing from San Francisco," said Swapnil. "Once the technical interviews were over, an Indian manager of the Twitter interviewed me in Delhi on May 30 and two days later I was told that they were hiring me."
Twitter's chief technical officer has mailed him the offer letter with an annual package of $130,000. "Inclusive of bonuses, it turns out to be around Rs 70 lakh per annum."

Swapnil credited his consistency for his success and the "huge opportunity" he has got. "Be regular and consistent in whatever you do," he said. He said he is looking to work for three-four years and gain experience before launching his software company.

The 22-year-old , who studied in Vidisha before getting into IIT, applied for the job a month before he graduated after other IIT alumni posted some openings in Twitter. "I got selected among the 30 people , who had applied."

Swapnil said he had specially prepared for the interviews, revising what he had studied but focusing on "algorithmic , coding and programming". Swapnil said even getting into IIT was challenging as he belongs to a small town. "There was no one to guide me," he said.