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IT & communication minister Milind Deora's Twitter account 'suspended'

The Twitter account of Milind Deora, the minister of state for communications and information technology, has reportedly been suspended.

It is not clear whether this was done due to some technical glitch, hacking or as part of the government's crackdown on social media. Another speculation doing rounds is that the account may have been reported to twitter as being a 'fake' or 'parody' account, leading to its suspension. Twitter has recently blocked parody accounts operating under the names of PMO and Manmohan Singh.

Half Million Chinese Android Devices got infected with SMSZombie

The amount of malware crafted and aimed at Android devices is ever-increasing. With Android being the most popular platform for smartphones and tablets around the world, Android users have become the low-hanging fruit when it comes to writing malware by the nefarious users. A new Android threat has affected 500,000 devices in China so far.

Serious Security Flaw : iPhone Bug Allows SMS Spoofing

A rather serious security flaw in the iPhone’s SMS messaging system has been discovered and revealed by well-known security researcher and jailbreak extraordinaire ‘pod2g’. Security flaw affecting all iPhones that he says could facilitate hackers or thieves to access your personal information.

The researcher claims that the flaw has actually been present in Apple’s iPhone software ever since the first iPhone was launched in 2007, but has failed to have been picked up on by anybody, including Apple it seems.

Google engineers Warn Of Serious Unpatched Adobe Reader Flaws

Adobe has missed dozens of vulnerabilities in Reader in this week’s Patch Tuesday run according to Google engineers who reported the flaws. Sixteen vulnerabilities still affected the Windows and Mac OS X versions, while 31 critical and “trivially exploitable” bugs were found in the Linux application.

Your Friend can help Investigators to Access your Facebook Profile

If you’re not already particularly picky about who you friend on Facebook, you might want to think about rejiggering those privacy settings. It's not the backdoor access that the FBI has been pushing for, but US District Judge William Pauley III has now ruled that it and other law enforcement agencies are entitled to view your Facebook profile if one of your "friends" gives them permission to do so.

Virtual Private Network of Airport Hacked via Citadel Malware

It sounds like an air traveler’s nightmare, Researchers at Trusteer recently uncovered a variant of the Citadel Trojan targeting the virtual private network (VPN) credentials used by employees at a major airport.The firm would not disclose the name of the airport because the situation is being investigated by law enforcement.