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Ban on bulk SMS Released

The Centre on Thursday lifted the ban on bulk SMS and MMS that was imposed to check the spread of rumours and inflammatory content related to the ethnic violence in Assam that had led to the exodus of northeastern people from Bangalore and other cities.
The decision was taken as the social unrest that gripped various cities due to these rumours has subsided and the flow of hate content has also reduced to a large extent in the last few days, a Ministry of Home Affairs spokesperson said.

Sensitive data in human brain successfully extract by Hackers

It is now possible to hack the human brain? YES! This was explained researchers at the Usenix Conference on Security, held from 8 to 10 August in Washington State. Using a commercial off-the-shelf brain-computer interface, the researchers have shown that it’s possible to hack your brain, forcing you to reveal information that you’d rather keep secret.

LulzSec Leader Sabu Gets 6-Month Sentencing Delay for helping Feds

Firday was the day that Hector Xavier Monsegur, a.k.a. Sabu, Xavier DeLeon, and Leon, was supposed to be sentenced for the 12 counts of computer hacking conspiracies and other crimes he pleaded guilty to, including the infamous hacks of HBGary Federal, HBGary, Sony, Fox, and PBS, but he has had his sentencing delayed, perhaps as a reward for assisting the US police with their enquiries and investigations.

Power Plants Are Vulnerable To Hackers with Siemens flaw

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued an alert warning that hackers could exploit code in Siemens-owned technology to attack power plants and other national critical infrastructure.

Justin W. Clarke, an expert in securing industrial control systems, disclosed at a conference in Los Angeles on Friday that he had figured out a way to spy on traffic moving through networking equipment manufactured by Siemens' RuggedCom division.

Microsoft gets new logo after 25 years

Microsoft will use a new logo for the first time in over two and a half decades. The software titan has created a new logo which has been heavily inspired by the emblem of Windows operating system. This change in the logo also shows the company's focus on the tile-centric Metro interface, which it uses in the Windows Phone platform, XBOX 360 and the upcoming Windows 8 and Office suite.

Twitter wants legal details of 28 blocked accounts

US-based micro-blogging site Twitter has requested India to share details of police cases registered in connection with 28 'inflammatory' pages. The site has argued that it can go ahead with deactivating pages only when the request carries legal details.

Terming it a "time buying strategy", an official said necessary details were being sent to Twitter and India has made it clear that the social networking site must withdraw the pages.