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90% Indian Internet users are vulnerable to Cyber Fraud

In this Computer Modernization world, where every computer user is dependent on the internet for all of their transactions, business, works etc. it is estimated that almost 90% Internet Users are Vulnerable. A survey of more than 5,000 active Internet users across 10 cities in India says that users are becoming increasingly concerned about online security. 90% of the respondent Internet users have experienced some cases of Cyber Fraud, such as Data Theft, Fake Emails, Financial Losses, Phishing, Credit Card Fauds, Key Logging, and many more.

How to handle conflicts in an organization?

Organizations are responsible for creating a work environment that enables people to thrive. If turf war, disagreement, and differences of opinion escalate into conflict you must intervene immediately. Conflict in the organization can be constructive or destructive for an organization. Most of the time it is destructive affecting morale, productivity and even turnover.

Techniques for changing your Negative Behavior & Thoughts

This article may help you to start few methods that you could use to change your behaviors by offering a definition of behavior. A behavior is something that you do; some action that you take. Conventionally, a behavior is something that you act out physically, such as taking a walk, or smoking a cigarette, or rolling your eyes when your spouse is complaining. However, behaviors can be subtle, non-physical things too. Thinking can be considered a behavior, for instance.

Cyber Threats, How important to secure yourself?

Do you know that there's a new computer virus variant being written or generated approximately every 15 seconds? As Internet users increase, the Web attack vector continues to grow. The list of top ten cyber threats has actually remained relatively consistent over the past 12 months or so, which shows that these methods are tried and tested and as far as the Malware author is concerned – they work.

The top three cyber threats are:
• Website attacks that exploit browser vulnerabilities
• Rogue AV
• SQL Injection

Cloud Computing: An icon in the IT world

Cloud computing means using the computing resources both hardware and software, that are delivered as a service over Internet. In other words, computer and software services necessary for computing works provided via the internet is called cloud computing.

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