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Cyber Crime encompasses a Broad range

Cyber Crime encompasses a broad range of potentially illegal activities. Generally, however, it may be divided into one of two types of categories;

 Crimes that target computer networks or devices directly;
 Crimes facilitated by computer networks or devices, the primary target of which is independent of the computer network or device.
 Examples of crimes that primarily target computer networks or devices would include,

How does the Self Determination help in success?

Self-determination is a combination of skills, knowledge, and beliefs that enable a person to engage in goal-directed, self-regulated, autonomous behavior. An understanding of one's strengths and limitations together with a belief in oneself as capable and effective are essential to self-determination. When acting on the basis of these skills and attitudes, individuals have greater ability to take control of their lives and assume the role of successful adults.

Quality Management in Education system

Education quality is becoming increasingly important for those who are involved in it either directly or indirectly, and for those who use its services. Access to education and quality education are to be regarded as mutually dependent and indivisible needs and rights. This is primarily achieved by developing creativity, civic and democratic values, as well as by knowledge, abilities and skills needed for everyday and professional life. Basic education is not sufficient or complete, and therefore should be considered only as a basis for learning that needs to be used all life long.

DDoS attacks used to Hack Bank Websites

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks used by the hackers to hack banking websites successfully disrupted the operations of leading Wall Street financial institutions, including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo, as well as other firms in the beginning of the month. Last week, the attacks extended to include Capital One, SunTrust, and Regions Financial.

In spite of an advance warning by attackers, all of the targeted banks' websites still suffered disruptions.

India's user base of Facebook increased multifold

Facebook announced that it has over 65 million active users in India, an eightfold increase over last two years.

"We are pleased to announced that over 65 million people in India are using Facebook to share and connect," said Kirthiga Reddy, director (online operations), Facebook India. She told that these were all monthly active users or people who use their accounts at least once a month.

She said, India is an important market for Facebook, She pointed out that Facebook had just eight million users in India when they opened India office here in 2010.

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