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Smartphone security risks rise on top

If you are using a Smartphone and using the internet with different applications especially in the public networks or free Wi-Fi network then you really need to secure your phone from the crackers who can hijack your device or steal your data.

Is Mobile Phone a Phone or a Tracker?

The small device in your pockets that according to you, is a cellphone — Think once again. Is it a phone or a tracking device that make calls? Due to its increased usage as a tracking device, it is better to call it a tracker instead of phone.

Tips for developing Presentations using MS PowerPoint

Presentations are a great way to support speeches, explain concepts, and to demonstrate the uses of products etc. But presentations containing too much text or bad graphics or color management can distract or even annoy your audience.

Planning of the presentation is very important for a successful presentation.An impressive presentation comprise of three basic elements:
• Content
• Design
• Delivery

While developing your content, ensure that it is simple, clear and logical. You must know what your audience needs and alter the content for them.

How does the Self Determination helps in success?

Define success for yourself.

People define success in many ways. Several successful people with disabilities use these words:

• Success is defined by who we are, what we believe in, and what we think it means to be successful. For some it is money; for others it could be relationships, family, jobs, religion, or education. I believe that success is reaching my own personal dreams. I'm not done with my dreams, but know that I have been successful so far because I've worked toward my goals regardless of my disability. (college student who is deaf)

How to Build Successful Mobile Applications?

In Today’s world, people use their Smart Phones to browse the Internet and do a host of other stuff that was earlier possible only on a desktop interface. Companies developing mobile applications are rolling in huge profits.

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