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Germany Launches Cyber Defense Center

Germany is the latest country to build itself its very own cyber-defense center to build a strategy to defend against cyber-warfare, a hot issue this year. The National Cyber-Defense Center is located in Bonn at the Federal Office for Information Security building. For now, it had ten permanent employees with the German Federal Police, Federal Intelligence Service and Armed Forces to join the effort in the coming months. The Interior ministry said it recorded a record number of attempted cyber attacks last year, nearly double the number of attempts in 2009.

Now video calling for Android phones by Skype

LONDON, UK: Skype, which is being bought by Microsoft for $8.5 billion, introduced a new service on Thursday allowing users of Android phones to make free video calls to Skype contacts, including those on Apple iPhones.

Skype Video Calling on Android PhonesThe company whose name became synonymous with Internet calling in the mid-2000s said its updated Android app would initially support video calling on selected HTC and Sony Ericsson Phones, with more to follow soon.

NSG Officer (RS Pradhan) Official Mail Hacked

Inspector General RS Pradhan, who is holding an important position in NSG (National Security Guard), had a rude shock when he came to know that his official mail was hacked. The hacker send lot of mails to several recipients on his behalf. According to sources, he is incharge of operations to several assignments. He later informed to IB (Intelligence Bureau) about the breach in the system.

Facebook Launching Skype-Powered Video Chat Application

The Facebook fans will have a pleasant surprise in the coming days, as the the functionality of the famous socializing web site will be extended by including video calls support.

Hackers Claim Apple Online Data Was Compromised

A list of 27 user names and encrypted passwords apparently for an Apple website was posted to the Internet over the weekend along with a warning from hacker group Anonymous that the Cupertino-based computer maker could be a target of its attacks.

Hackers anonymous appleThe list was posted to the Pastebin website, a hosting site for text files, by an unidentified user under the title "Not Yet Serious." It wasn't immediately clear if the user was allied with the Anonymous hacking group, but the existence of the file became widely known after Anonymous linked to it in a Twitter message.

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