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Performance Management ‘An Important strategy for every organization’

Managing performance has become a buzz-phrase of management. What is meant by Performance Management or Managing Performance varies enormous. For some, it means manipulating pay and other reward systems so that people will work harder. For others, it means telling staffs what they should do. Other people think it means increasing people's understanding of the whole process so that they know what they are doing and why.

The UK will strike first in Cyber Warfare, says foreign secretary

THE UK has developed weapons to counter the threat from hackers and will strike first to protect itself, according to Foreign Secretary William Hague. Hague has warned that the Government is investing heavily in deterrents but admitted he could not be certain they would be sufficient in repelling Cyber Attacks. He told the Sun, "We will defend ourselves in every way we can, not only to deflect but to prevent attacks that we know are taking place.

Meet & network with international experts at SMi’s inaugural Cyber Security Asia conference and exhibition

Cyberspace concerns extend throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and they are increasingly playing key roles in how nations define security and threats. SMi Group’s inaugural Cyber Security Asia conference and exhibition is well timed to offer delegates the opportunity to discuss the key issues surrounding security in cyberspace. Don’t miss the chance to network with a diverse mixture of professionals from the Cyber Security community and examine key issues including: cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, cloud computing, cyber commands and military cyberspace operations.

Department of Homeland Security Releases Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET)

The Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET) is a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) product that assists organizations in protecting their key national cyber assets. It was developed under the direction of the DHS National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) by Cyber Security experts and with assistance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This tool provides users with a systematic and repeatable approach for assessing the security posture of their cyber systems and networks. It includes both high-level and detailed questions related to all industrial control and IT systems.

German hacker cracks GSM call encryption

The Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications, the standard for mobile phones and Internet in 1988, may no longer be so secure after a German hacker team cracked its encryption algorithms.

After cracking the code, Karsten Nohl plans to publish a guide to prompt global operators to improve their safeguards, The Hacker News reported over the weekend.

“With our technology, we can capture GPRS [General Packet Radio Service] data communications in a radius of 5 km," The Hacker News quoted Nohl, head of Security Research Labs, as saying.

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