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Dwarka International School celebrates “Human Rights: Awareness for a change”

Dwarka International School observed Human Rights week with the aim to educate the students about the role and importance of Human Rights in everyday life. Depicting the relevance of Human Rights various activities were planned for the week which included movie shows, poster making, graffiti, debates and talk show. Addressing the students following a series of events on various issues relating to Human Rights in the special assembly, Principal Ritu Mehta said “It is the responsibility of the youth to respect the rights of others and create a peaceful environment for a better living”

Meet & Network with international experts at “International Conference on Emerging Trends in Technology & Management”

Technology & Management concerns extend throughout the world, and they are increasingly playing key roles in how nations define issues and their solutions.

Dwarka International School celebrated its 4th Annual Day

A great school with professional and experienced teachers creates the great foundation of every child. Recently ‘Dwarka International School’, Dwarka (DIS) celebrated its 4th Annual Day with the prodigious support of the Students, Teachers and Parents as well.

Students won the hearts of Parents and Guests as they celebrated their 4th Annual Day “Sanskriti 2012”. It was celebrated on the mesmerizing evening of November 9’ 2012. The school cast its magical spell over hundreds of parents and in return received Applauds, Admiration and Appreciation.

How today’s Cyber Criminals are different?

A Young, inexperienced, and possessing Cyber Criminal/ Cracker with vast quantities of time to waste, to get into just one more system. However, there is a far more dangerous type of system cracker out there. One who knows the ins and outs of the latest security auditing and cracking tools, who can modify them for specific attacks, and who can write his/her own programs. One who not only reads about the latest security holes, but also personally discovers bugs and vulnerabilities. A deadly creature that can both strike poisonously and hide its tracks without a whisper or hint of a trail.

Process of Exit Interviews

An exit interview is a meeting between the departing employee and at least one representative from the company (either someone from the Human Resources Department or the functional head of the employee). Employees who are leaving the organization voluntarily are sources of priceless information. Exit interviews can be termed as confessional interviews by the departing employee. The outgoing employee must be one who has voluntarily resigned rather than getting laid off or fired.

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