Microsoft sacks unknown number of employees

Microsoft said on Thursday it was cutting an unspecified number of jobs in marketing and advertising as part of a move to 'align' its operations to key priorities.
The tech giant gave no specific numbers or details, but the move came after it announced a writeoff of $6.2 billion in its online operations.
"I can confirm that there were job eliminations today at Microsoft," a spokesman said in a statement.
"Like any company, Microsoft continually evaluates its operations and works to align the business to key priorities. I can assure you we're thinking about the exciting new opportunities that Windows 8, Xbox and Skype present for our advertising and marketing partners."
Microsoft, which is releasing its Windows 8 operating system in October, said last week it would take the massive writedown related to the 2007 acquisition of aQuantive, a digital advertising firm aimed at helping Microsoft compete against Google and others.
The charge, to be reflected in the company's upcoming earnings report, is required under accounting rules to reflect a lower value or so-called "goodwill impairment."