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India's user base of Facebook increased multifold

Facebook announced that it has over 65 million active users in India, an eightfold increase over last two years.

"We are pleased to announced that over 65 million people in India are using Facebook to share and connect," said Kirthiga Reddy, director (online operations), Facebook India. She told that these were all monthly active users or people who use their accounts at least once a month.

She said, India is an important market for Facebook, She pointed out that Facebook had just eight million users in India when they opened India office here in 2010.

Cloud Computing: An icon in the IT world

Cloud computing means using the computing resources both hardware and software, that are delivered as a service over Internet. In other words, computer and software services necessary for computing works provided via the internet is called cloud computing.

Different Types of Computer Protocols

In today’s world, there are number of people communicating the number of different languages they use, the number of different machines they use, the number of ways in which they transmit data and the different software they use.

We would never be able to communicate worldwide if there were no ‘standards’ governing the way we communicate and the way our machines treat data. These standards are sets of rules.

How to change the MAC in different OS

MAC stands for Media Access Control. It’s an important element of computer networking. MAC address helps to identify the computer on LAN and this is an important component for different protocols.

Many internet service providers use to ask about the MAC address of users device so that they can allow the internet services for that specific address. If the user changes the network card or installs any new router then the new address would not work for you to get the same services from your service provider. But different machines use to allow modification or spoofing in this address.

SEO – A Best way to improve your Website Ranking

SEO is the process of improving the visibility (ranking) of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" search results. In general, A website will receive more visitors if it appears earlier and more frequently in the search results list.
Have you ever wondered why some of the websites rank better than the others? It is because of a powerful web marketing technique Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific search engines.

Apple CEO Tim Cook's apology letter to users

Apple has finally apologised for the Apple Maps fiasco. In a letter that appeared on Tech Crunch, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said sorry to the company's customers for "falling short" on their commitment to provide a world-class product.
Apple replaced Google Maps with its in-house maps app in the recent iOS 6 update. However, the feature has received a lot of criticism from users for geographical errors and missing information.
Here's the text of Tim Cook's email to users as appeared in Tech Crunch.

To our customers,