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Mask Making Activity by Modern Convent School, Dwarka

Today, in the modern era where the kids are performing in every field like Dancing, Singing, Computers, Drawing, etc. and have surprised to even the young and talented adults. The kids get such inspiration and perform with the prodigious support of the School, Teachers and parents as well.

iPads as educational tool will be Launched in Indian Schools

BANGALORE: Shivakumar, principal of Delhi Public School, Surat, was fascinated by the educational apps on the App Store which matched his school's curriculum. And soon he started encouraging his teachers to use iPads for research. 

"While teaching the parts of the body, we use an app where the visual body is displayed. Curious students were allowed to tear down the ribs with this app, see what each rib is made up of and rearrange them back. This form of teaching has a greater impact on students who understand the concepts better than those who learn their subjects by rote," he says. 

Management Quota Student are Eligible for Educational Loan

CHENNAI: Educational loan cannot be denied to a student on the sole ground that his admission is under management quota, the Madras high court has held. 
Justice M Jaichandren, passing orders on a writ petition filed by J Pandiarajan last week, referred to an earlier order of the court which conclusively held that once eligibility for admission is established and a candidate is selected through a an approved mode of selection and his admission too is approved by the university, then banks cannot refuse loan facility to the student. 

Low-cost IT solutions empowering schools

AHMEDABAD: Leading technology companies in India are giving back to the society by investing in education sector for the lower segment of the society. Several new initiatives are being taken to expand young minds in order to make better opportunities available to the next generation.

Fake Gujarat Technological University website creates Confusion

AHMEDABAD: A private website mimicking to be officially belonging to Gujarat Technological University (GTU) is creating confusion among GTU students . 

Posters of a private website which uses the name of GTU have been put up at various corners of the GTU Campus. The website offers that if a candidate provides the marks scored in board examination and GUJCET, it will provide details like names of the institute where the students will get admissions. GTU officials claim that they have no idea of the website and deny permission for it. 

Management with Technology, a great combination

Technology plays a vital role in every business, and that is why companies are always on the lookout for qualified and skilled technology professionals to enhance the side of business. Technology is an invaluable yet complicated area of business, and in most of the companies, technology is at the core of the business playing a pivotal role that can affect all other areas of the business. A Technology Management MBA is a valuable qualification for anyone wishing to break into technology management for a company and for those wishing to work in a high level position for a technology company.