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User Identification, An important part of Information Security

Dear Readers, in this edition I am trying to give some information about ‘User Identification’ which are very important to know and I am sure that it will help you all, to understand its importance in Information Security domain. Information technologies and its resources are an integral part of any business/ organization, and to secure them is a strategic priority. According to the current IT security breaches scenario, information security breaches are considered to be the most threatening issues both for private and public sector organizations.

Hackers attack PCs using iTunes E-mail offer

Criminals are hacking into people's computers by sending a fake email which offers credit for iTunes music, games and video. Users are told they have been sent 50 dollar worth of iTunes store credit and need to open an attached ZIP file to find out their certificate code. According to the Eleven security blog, this attached file contains a Malware program known as Mal/ BredoZp-B which can allow hackers to gain access to the recipient's computer.

India blocks Duqu, shuts server linked to virus

Indian authorities are investigating a computer server in Mumbai for links to the Duqu malicious software that some security experts warned could be the next big cyber threat. Web Werks, a Mumbai-based Web-hosting company, said it had given an image of the suspicious virtual private server to officials from the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), after security firm Symantec Corp found the server was communicating with computers infected with the Duqu virus. The virtual private server was leased to a client in Milan, Italy, according to Nikhil Rathi, founder of Web Werks.

Beware! Katrina, Deepika can lead you to Malware

Beware. Katrina Kaif is beautiful but she is the most dangerous celebrity in the Indian cyber space, followed by Deepika Padukone. That's according to internet security company McAfee's the 'Most Dangerous Indian Celebrity' study.

Data Security & Types of data

Dear Readers, in this edition I am trying to give precise information about ‘Data Security’ which is very important to know in this Computer Modernization and I am sure that it will help you all in your relative fields. Every industry has one most important and crucial thing which should never get compromised and that is, DATA. Data Security is one of the biggest challenges for all the Corporate now a days. To explain it further please continue reading the article in this and next edition;

Internet Safety “An Important Issue

Internet plays a very important role of Electronic communication which is done through electronic media like cell phones, computers, I-pods etc. However, to secure from the Cyber threats is a Challenging part. We hear almost daily that someone lost money or was cheated due to misuse of personal information on internet or hacking in the email account or stealing credit cards, etc. These unfortunate events can be easily and certainly avoided if we follow simple rules of internet, while transacting or interacting through electronic media.